Orange County – a gem of California

Orange County is one of the gems of California.   With nearly 3 million people Orange stands as Cali’s second largest county.  Southern California is always beautiful but those spring and summer months are like no other.  With nearly 40 miles of coastline it is easy to see why so many people love to live and visit here.  The most economical and efficient way to enjoy the sun and fun this summer is with Patio Guy.  Patio Guy has been constructing Orange County patio covers for over 20 years and holds a class B California Contractors license.  Getting a new patio would allow you and your family to spend all day and even those cool evening outside while being protected from the elements.

Orange County Patio CoverOrange County patio covers can be found all over the county from parks and schools to businesses and private residences.   You will save tens of thousands of dollars when you decide no on an addition and yes to a new patio cover.  Orange County patio covers come in a wide variety of designs, materials and locations.  It doesn’t matter about the size of your unused space in the yard. Patio Guy will talk with you from the begging in and set out on the project with 100 percent communication.  You get exactly what you want made on time and within your predetermined budget.  Orange County patio covers are the newest fad in outdoor enjoyment.  You will spend hours relaxing and reading under your new lattice patio cover.  Patio Guy can even handle any and all free standing and combination patio cover installations.  They only work with the best which is why they carry an extensive product line from Alumawood.

Alumawood only uses top grade aluminum with the construction of its Orange County patio covers.  Your patio will never warp or crack.  Also, you’ll never have to worry about painting it because it will not peel or fade from sun exposure.  Why add-on to your house and make a mess of your property as well as your finances?  Have Patio Guy install those Orange County patio covers and get exactly what you want.  You will love your new oasis of shade.  Friends and neighbors also love a good patio cover.  You can entertain the family all day long while being outside and getting fresh air.  Whatever your budget or size of space available Patio Guy can make it happen!

Sit in shade this summer with these beautiful affordable products

A trellis is a beautiful and affordable way to change the look of your home or property.  There are so many uses and designs that it’s hard to find just one style to fit your liking. An addition of a room or remodel can cost tens of thousands of dollars.  That just isn’t an option for many families and homeowners in today’s economy.  Your new Patio Cover in San Diego will be pleasing to the eyes and your wallet.  Patio Guy has been installing and designing patios and trellis in southern California for over 2 decades.  Their teams of installers are professional, courteous and clean.

Your new patio cover in San Diego will increase property value and the beauty as well as versatility of your home.  A trellis is most commonly made with intertwined pieces of wood and or metals.  They are great for aiding in the growth and maturity of certain plants and vines.  Peas, ivy and roses will absolutely flourish on your new trellis!  They are also a great way to enjoy the outdoors without being totally exposed to those harmful rays of sun.  Patio Guy guides our clientele through every step of the design process to help make sure they get exactly what they paid for.  Patio Guy carries only the finest top notch products from Alumawood Amerimax.  They’re entire product line is built to help make those custom jobs reality.  It doesn’t matter what you are going to use your new trellis in San Diego for.  The options are endless and possible with patio Guy at your service.  That hot California summer is right around the corner.

The best way to enjoy it is from the shade and protection of your own custom built trellis!  Plants and vines will be growing all over that trellis in no time. Maintaining the beauty of your most valuable investment, your home, is key.  What you do today will affect the value of your home tomorrow.  Getting that trellis in San Diego will be the best thing you can do for your property this season.   Just think of the hours spent relaxing in the shade of your very own trellis system.  The kids and pets won’t want to leave their new play area.  Call Patio Guy today and make that dream of a trellis in San Diego happen.  Every day you waste is another missed opportunity.  The sun shine and great weather won’t wait around for you to make your decision.

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Great Designs in San Diego by Patio Guy Alumawood Contractor

Although those summer months are quickly coming to a close, that doesn’t mean that Southern California’s beautiful weather will cease to exist.  There are still many sunny days and cool breezes to be had.  That’s why you should up grade your home, office or free space with a patio cover in San Diego.  A patio has a whole variety of uses that allow you to enjoy fresh air while being protected from the elements.  If you have a patio in San Diego then you are already enjoying the great outdoors more than your neighbors!  Don’t let those precious days slip away.  Enjoy every day, rain or shine, from the shade of your very own patio San Diego.

Patio Guy has been providing southern California’s custom patio needs for years.  They specialize in designing and installing Alumawood patios in San Diego and surrounding areas.  All of patio Guy’s Alumawood products are genuine and top of the line.  Your custom patio will never need painting thanks to its wood looking –finish, which will retain its color and strength forever!  Termites can be a major obstacle when it comes to patios.  However termites won’t have a leg to stand on against your new patio.  Wood patios require countless hours of maintenance and upkeep.  You might spend upwards of a few hundred or thousand dollars a year just on sealants and finishes alone!  Patio Guy’s Alumawood patios San Diego are termite proof and don’t require nearly half the work of your old wood decking and patio.

Patio Cover San Diego
Patio Guy understands that every ones likes and dislikes as well as space available will vary.  That’s why they make the design and installation processes user friendly.  Our team of expert builders works alongside ours clients to ensure that their dreams become reality. Patio Guy will make sure that you have the best looking patio San Diego has to offer.  It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a little extra shade attached to the side your building/home or want a free standing structure to relax and retreat to, Patio Guy can handle it all.  The versatility of their Alumawood products and the experience of the design and build teams allow Patio Guy to create a wide array of patios and structures.

San Diego has some of the best weather the West Coast has to offer, it’s high time you spent more time outdoors and less time on the couch.  There is no better way to get outside than by  relaxing under a new patio in San Diego.

DIY Kits

There are a lot of do-it-yourself patio cover kits out there.  It’s hard to know which one, if any, is right for you.  They all claim to be easily assembled.  Is it really worth the gamble? Wouldn’t it be better to protect your investment and have a professional team design and install custom patio cover kits to fit your needs and space?  A patio cover can add value to your property and home it should be done right the first time, using the correct materials. Trust me, you will waste hours upon hours surfing the web trying to sort out what ‘kit’ is right for you to install yourself.  Save yourself the trouble and get ahold of Patio Guy.

Their experience in the construction and design fields is way above the average Joe’s, and their competitors for that matter.  They know what they are doing and how to do it in the safest and most efficient manner possible.  If you pick the right patio cover kits things could turn out fine. But what if you pick the wrong color, size or design for your property?  Are you prepared to spend the time necessary to re-build and fabricate your own patio cover?  No one has that kind of time these days.  Have a professional do it and sleep at night knowing you made the right choice.  Patio cover kits can be tricky to assemble, but not for the Patio Guy.  Over two decades in construction have made the team confident that they can handle any job you require.  Holding a class B contractor’s license in the state of California is also a way of proving your expertise, they don’t just hand those out to any guy with a saw and drill.

Patio Guy is also a certified dealer of the best patio cover kits in the world.  We only deal with the best, Alumawood.  No more maintenance on that pesky wood patio cover. You’ll save money on paint and termite exterminators because your new patio cover kits are made from the highest grade aluminum that won’t rust, warp crack or peel as long as the patio is in use.  You can even choose between 6 different colors to help make sure you have a say in what color your structure will be.  Choose wisely, choose only the best and choose Patio Guy.  That other guy’s patio cover kits just don’t compare.  These sunny days won’t be around forever. For the best selection and prices on Patio Covers, call Patio guy at 951-333-0056

DIY options

What is the best part of calling the Patio Guy if you are looking to get DIY patio covers?  Well, for starters, you do not need to do it yourself!  If you find yourself in this situation, then relax; the Patio guy is here to help you take a day off and do the job ourselves.  The Patio Guy features Alumawood for its entire line of patio covers they install.   Alumawood is a low cost substitution for conventional patio covers.  However, less expensive does not mean lower quality.   Alumawood is less expensive substitute to other DIY patio covers because it is a light aluminum but with a wood like finish.  It does not need much upkeep, will not be affected by the weather condition, and is not affected by termites.  So what you get is a long lasting patio that lasts a very long time and at the same time saves you money.  The best part of Alumawood is that it will never need painting.  You will have years of little maintenance and modern style patio cover.  With over 20 years experience installing DIY patio covers, we know how to not only properly install them, but how to keep you the customers satisfied.  Much of our business is done via referrals from past customers, so we know exactly how it will to keep every customer completely satisfied.

The Patio Guy delivers your DIY patio covers in an efficient and friendly matter.  We offer very low prices as all of the installation work is done in house so we control every part of the process.  We have been in business installing patio covers all over Southern California so we know how to take care of our customers. There is a reason we have been installing DIY patio covers for so long. We offer the best in customer service in every job we do.  Since a large majority of our customers are from referrals, we take great pride in providing the best service possible to all of our customers.  Our constructors work with you the customer every step of the way to assure that you are completely happy with your design.  We offer free quote so give our friendly customer service representatives a call today.   We will help get the best patio covers for your home or business in no time.

What differentiate us from our competitors are not only the materials we use, but also our workmanship.  Our constructors offer the highest quality of work anywhere in the Southern California area.  We work closely with each and every customer to make sure that their patio cover comes out the way they want it to.  Give the Patio Guy a call at 760.542.8772 for a free estimate today!


DIY Covers

Are you a do it yourselfer?  Are you in need of a DIY patio cover?  If so, then you would probably disappointed with the Patio Guy.  That is because we have a team of professional constructors will construct any project that you can conjure up in your DIY head.  Whether the concept of your DIY patio cover consists of differing elevation or a combination of solid and lattice cover, we will not only install it but also have it completed in a clean and professional, timely manner.  At the Patio Guy, we use only the best materials for your DIY patio cover, including Alumawood panels.  Alumawood offers a do it yourself price for panels that will last up to 25 years at a price that will leave you thinking you bought it at a local hardware store.  So if you are that hands-on type looking for a project to do for your home, call the Patio Guy and crack a cold one and relax for a change, as we will get the job done in no time.

As a do it yourselfer, you may want to take every task around the home by the horns.  At the Patio Guy, we do not blame you.  But if you are looking to get aDIY patio cover as you next project, we advise you to relax.  How can we feel so confident telling you this? The Patio Guy provides you with many different type of modern looking patio covers to help protect you from differing weather conditions.  Patio Guy offers different types of patio covers, from solid covers to lattice covers, or a combination of both.  We also offer you options such as making your DIY patio cover part of your house or a freestanding structure.  We also guarantee that you will buy the least expensive patio cover in all of Southern California.  How do we know this?  Because with Patio Guy, we offer you the lowest price on all of our patio covers, guaranteed.  Not only do we offer the best prices compared to other legitimate companies, but we also offer Alumawood to substitute for traditional covers for your patio covers.  With Alumawood, you will get years of protection with a design that is sure to fit the most modern of homes.

What makes our product the best bang for your buck is our material.  We us Alumawood patio covers, which can be customized in many ways for you, are as durable if not more durable than our competitors, and can be used in a variety of ways.  It comes in many colors and styles so there is no shortage of different styles.  Call the Patio Guy today if you have any questions and for a free backyard quote!

Covered options for you

If you like to be outdoors in the upcoming warm days of summer but are looking to shield yourself from the elements, than you should be looking into acquiring a patio cover for your home.  Patio covers offer you protection from the harsh, sunrays and can also shield you from the cold rain.  When you buy from the Patio Guy, know that we will be able to help you with a large variety of patio covers for your home. From standalone to unattached, we offer all types of patio covers.  We even offer lattice patio covers that allow more wind and sunshine to creep through to give you a completely different outdoor feel.  We even offer a combination of patio covers that use all the different types of cover in whatever fashion you would like.  The Patio Guy also specializes in a patio cover that is made by Alumawood.  Alumawood patio covers are specially constructed panels that do not rust and require very little maintenance.  These special types of patio covers can last up to 25 years. So for the best in variety and prices, call the Patio Guy today for a free consultation.


With the help of the Patio Guy, you cannot only enjoy the outdoors again, without running into your home every so often.  With a quality patio cover, you can now enjoy the weather while being under cover.  If you have a certain design in mind, the constructors at the Patio Guy are the perfect team to have.  They will help you with all of your concerns when it comes to building the perfect patio cover for you.  We have been in business for over 40 years so we know how important it is to keep you, the customer, completely satisfied.  After all, a large percentage of our customers are from recommendations so we take pride in providing the best customer service in Southern California.


When you purchase a patio cover from Patio Guy, you will have many options such as a patio that is an extension to your home or a freestanding cover.  Also, you can choose a lattice or a solid cover.  Lattice patio covers are good if you want to get partial sunlight to come thru your patio cover.  The Patio Guy also offers seven colors for your patio cover including white, Sonoma beige, and desert sand.  We even offer four differently styled end cuts to changed the monotony and give your patio cover an extra modern touch.  So as you can see, with the Patio Guy you will have an endless amount of options and styles to choose from.  You will also get the best in quality and workmanship.  Call us today for a free backyard patio cover quote.

Installation information

Are you over this cold weather and looking forward to the spring?  If so, would it not be better to walk out in the warm spring days and have patio covers to give you that warm, breezy springs.  And when the rains come, you patio cover will also shield you from the many spring showers that will surely come. If you are looking into patio covers and are not sure whom to call, give the Patio Guy a call.  The Patio Guy specializes in Alumawood patio covers and can create all sorts of different styles for you.  From basic, standalone patio cover to custom made extensions to your home; we can get you the perfect cover for you home.  Although many choose gazebos to shield them from the elements, they can also be much more expensive than a patio cover from the Patio Guy.


At the Patio Guy, getting you shelter from the elements is what we do.  Saving you money on a top quality patio covers is what we do best.  Welcome to the best and most cost effective option for your next patio cover.  We offer a large variety of options for your patio covers.  From colors, to solid or lattice covers, and even end cuts, the possibilities for your ideal patio are endless.  We help you save money because the material that we use, Alumawood, is a low cost substitution for conventional patio covers.  However, less expensive does not mean lower quality.   Alumawood is less expensive substitute to other patio covers because it is a light aluminum but with a wood like finish.  It does not need much upkeep, will not be affected by the weather condition, and is not affected by termites.  So what you get is a long lasting cover that lasts a very long time and at the same time saves you money.

So why is it that Patio Guy has been in business for over 20 years?  We offer the best in customer service in every job we do.  Since a large majority of our customers are from referrals, we take great pride in providing the best service possible to all of our customers.  Our constructors work with you the customer every step of the way to assure that you are completely happy with your design. We encourage our customers to ask as many questions and to stay interactive to make sure that every part of the project is to their standard.  We offer free quote so give our friendly customer service representatives a call today.  We will help get the best patio covers for your home or business in no time.  So give us a call today and see how fast we can get your patio cover done.

Backyard ideas

Believe it or not, but a patio cover can actually make or break your backyard.  When you have a custom patio cover installed from Patio Guy it tells you neighbors that you mean business.  No more rainy days wasted in doors or no more missed sunsets.  A patio cover allows you to utilize space that may have been wasted prior to its construction.  The benefits of patio covers are many and the price won’t empty your wallet.  Patio Guy is a licensed California contractor that specializes in the design and construction of top-notch patio covers.  These guys bring over two decades of construction experience and knowledge of the industry that you won’t find anywhere else in California.  These guys give their best so you can enjoy the comforts of your own home / property.

Patio Guys reputation as the leading Alumawood contractor speaks for itself.  Unlike the other ‘guys’, Patio Guy puts customer service first.  One of the most important aspects of patio cover design involves team work!  These guys won’t leave you out-of-the-loop.  You will work with their team of experts every step along the way to make sure you get exactly what you paid for.  You will actually be an integral part of the design and installation process, from start to finish.  All Patio guy team members take pride in their work and are more than happy to answer and questions you might have.  Remember, it’s your money and your patio cover!

One of the most amazing things about Patio Guy’s Alumawood products is their versatility.  If you can think it up, it can be made.  They come in 6 great colors that are pleasing to the eye.  You can have that free standing patio cover right out of Home and Garden magazine or you can have that lattice work installed to make it look like grandma’s cottage.  These guys can even create combination covers using numerous different techniques and designs. Many southern California residential, commercial and business properties have reaped the rewards of having an Alumawood patio cover.  You’ll spend more and more time outside under the protection of a patio cover that was designed specifically for your wants and needs.  You don’t have to sacrifice luxury for functionality!

Just look around.  More and more Californian’s are catching on.  A patio cover is the best way to enjoy your home.  Contact the Patio Guy today and get a free estimate.  Those sunny days and cool breezes might be passing you by!