Sit in shade this summer with these beautiful affordable products

A trellis is a beautiful and affordable way to change the look of your home or property.  There are so many uses and designs that it’s hard to find just one style to fit your liking. An addition of a room or remodel can cost tens of thousands of dollars.  That just isn’t an option for many families and homeowners in today’s economy.  Your new Patio Cover in San Diego will be pleasing to the eyes and your wallet.  Patio Guy has been installing and designing patios and trellis in southern California for over 2 decades.  Their teams of installers are professional, courteous and clean.

Your new patio cover in San Diego will increase property value and the beauty as well as versatility of your home.  A trellis is most commonly made with intertwined pieces of wood and or metals.  They are great for aiding in the growth and maturity of certain plants and vines.  Peas, ivy and roses will absolutely flourish on your new trellis!  They are also a great way to enjoy the outdoors without being totally exposed to those harmful rays of sun.  Patio Guy guides our clientele through every step of the design process to help make sure they get exactly what they paid for.  Patio Guy carries only the finest top notch products from Alumawood Amerimax.  They’re entire product line is built to help make those custom jobs reality.  It doesn’t matter what you are going to use your new trellis in San Diego for.  The options are endless and possible with patio Guy at your service.  That hot California summer is right around the corner.

The best way to enjoy it is from the shade and protection of your own custom built trellis!  Plants and vines will be growing all over that trellis in no time. Maintaining the beauty of your most valuable investment, your home, is key.  What you do today will affect the value of your home tomorrow.  Getting that trellis in San Diego will be the best thing you can do for your property this season.   Just think of the hours spent relaxing in the shade of your very own trellis system.  The kids and pets won’t want to leave their new play area.  Call Patio Guy today and make that dream of a trellis in San Diego happen.  Every day you waste is another missed opportunity.  The sun shine and great weather won’t wait around for you to make your decision.

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