DIY Kits

There are a lot of do-it-yourself patio cover kits out there.  It’s hard to know which one, if any, is right for you.  They all claim to be easily assembled.  Is it really worth the gamble? Wouldn’t it be better to protect your investment and have a professional team design and install custom patio cover kits to fit your needs and space?  A patio cover can add value to your property and home it should be done right the first time, using the correct materials. Trust me, you will waste hours upon hours surfing the web trying to sort out what ‘kit’ is right for you to install yourself.  Save yourself the trouble and get ahold of Patio Guy.

Their experience in the construction and design fields is way above the average Joe’s, and their competitors for that matter.  They know what they are doing and how to do it in the safest and most efficient manner possible.  If you pick the right patio cover kits things could turn out fine. But what if you pick the wrong color, size or design for your property?  Are you prepared to spend the time necessary to re-build and fabricate your own patio cover?  No one has that kind of time these days.  Have a professional do it and sleep at night knowing you made the right choice.  Patio cover kits can be tricky to assemble, but not for the Patio Guy.  Over two decades in construction have made the team confident that they can handle any job you require.  Holding a class B contractor’s license in the state of California is also a way of proving your expertise, they don’t just hand those out to any guy with a saw and drill.

Patio Guy is also a certified dealer of the best patio cover kits in the world.  We only deal with the best, Alumawood.  No more maintenance on that pesky wood patio cover. You’ll save money on paint and termite exterminators because your new patio cover kits are made from the highest grade aluminum that won’t rust, warp crack or peel as long as the patio is in use.  You can even choose between 6 different colors to help make sure you have a say in what color your structure will be.  Choose wisely, choose only the best and choose Patio Guy.  That other guy’s patio cover kits just don’t compare.  These sunny days won’t be around forever. For the best selection and prices on Patio Covers, call Patio guy at 951-333-0056

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