DIY Covers

Are you a do it yourselfer?  Are you in need of a DIY patio cover?  If so, then you would probably disappointed with the Patio Guy.  That is because we have a team of professional constructors will construct any project that you can conjure up in your DIY head.  Whether the concept of your DIY patio cover consists of differing elevation or a combination of solid and lattice cover, we will not only install it but also have it completed in a clean and professional, timely manner.  At the Patio Guy, we use only the best materials for your DIY patio cover, including Alumawood panels.  Alumawood offers a do it yourself price for panels that will last up to 25 years at a price that will leave you thinking you bought it at a local hardware store.  So if you are that hands-on type looking for a project to do for your home, call the Patio Guy and crack a cold one and relax for a change, as we will get the job done in no time.

As a do it yourselfer, you may want to take every task around the home by the horns.  At the Patio Guy, we do not blame you.  But if you are looking to get aDIY patio cover as you next project, we advise you to relax.  How can we feel so confident telling you this? The Patio Guy provides you with many different type of modern looking patio covers to help protect you from differing weather conditions.  Patio Guy offers different types of patio covers, from solid covers to lattice covers, or a combination of both.  We also offer you options such as making your DIY patio cover part of your house or a freestanding structure.  We also guarantee that you will buy the least expensive patio cover in all of Southern California.  How do we know this?  Because with Patio Guy, we offer you the lowest price on all of our patio covers, guaranteed.  Not only do we offer the best prices compared to other legitimate companies, but we also offer Alumawood to substitute for traditional covers for your patio covers.  With Alumawood, you will get years of protection with a design that is sure to fit the most modern of homes.

What makes our product the best bang for your buck is our material.  We us Alumawood patio covers, which can be customized in many ways for you, are as durable if not more durable than our competitors, and can be used in a variety of ways.  It comes in many colors and styles so there is no shortage of different styles.  Call the Patio Guy today if you have any questions and for a free backyard quote!

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