Great Designs in San Diego by Patio Guy Alumawood Contractor

Although those summer months are quickly coming to a close, that doesn’t mean that Southern California’s beautiful weather will cease to exist.  There are still many sunny days and cool breezes to be had.  That’s why you should up grade your home, office or free space with a patio cover in San Diego.  A patio has a whole variety of uses that allow you to enjoy fresh air while being protected from the elements.  If you have a patio in San Diego then you are already enjoying the great outdoors more than your neighbors!  Don’t let those precious days slip away.  Enjoy every day, rain or shine, from the shade of your very own patio San Diego.

Patio Guy has been providing southern California’s custom patio needs for years.  They specialize in designing and installing Alumawood patios in San Diego and surrounding areas.  All of patio Guy’s Alumawood products are genuine and top of the line.  Your custom patio will never need painting thanks to its wood looking –finish, which will retain its color and strength forever!  Termites can be a major obstacle when it comes to patios.  However termites won’t have a leg to stand on against your new patio.  Wood patios require countless hours of maintenance and upkeep.  You might spend upwards of a few hundred or thousand dollars a year just on sealants and finishes alone!  Patio Guy’s Alumawood patios San Diego are termite proof and don’t require nearly half the work of your old wood decking and patio.

Patio Cover San Diego
Patio Guy understands that every ones likes and dislikes as well as space available will vary.  That’s why they make the design and installation processes user friendly.  Our team of expert builders works alongside ours clients to ensure that their dreams become reality. Patio Guy will make sure that you have the best looking patio San Diego has to offer.  It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a little extra shade attached to the side your building/home or want a free standing structure to relax and retreat to, Patio Guy can handle it all.  The versatility of their Alumawood products and the experience of the design and build teams allow Patio Guy to create a wide array of patios and structures.

San Diego has some of the best weather the West Coast has to offer, it’s high time you spent more time outdoors and less time on the couch.  There is no better way to get outside than by  relaxing under a new patio in San Diego.

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