Covered options for you

If you like to be outdoors in the upcoming warm days of summer but are looking to shield yourself from the elements, than you should be looking into acquiring a patio cover for your home.  Patio covers offer you protection from the harsh, sunrays and can also shield you from the cold rain.  When you buy from the Patio Guy, know that we will be able to help you with a large variety of patio covers for your home. From standalone to unattached, we offer all types of patio covers.  We even offer lattice patio covers that allow more wind and sunshine to creep through to give you a completely different outdoor feel.  We even offer a combination of patio covers that use all the different types of cover in whatever fashion you would like.  The Patio Guy also specializes in a patio cover that is made by Alumawood.  Alumawood patio covers are specially constructed panels that do not rust and require very little maintenance.  These special types of patio covers can last up to 25 years. So for the best in variety and prices, call the Patio Guy today for a free consultation.


With the help of the Patio Guy, you cannot only enjoy the outdoors again, without running into your home every so often.  With a quality patio cover, you can now enjoy the weather while being under cover.  If you have a certain design in mind, the constructors at the Patio Guy are the perfect team to have.  They will help you with all of your concerns when it comes to building the perfect patio cover for you.  We have been in business for over 40 years so we know how important it is to keep you, the customer, completely satisfied.  After all, a large percentage of our customers are from recommendations so we take pride in providing the best customer service in Southern California.


When you purchase a patio cover from Patio Guy, you will have many options such as a patio that is an extension to your home or a freestanding cover.  Also, you can choose a lattice or a solid cover.  Lattice patio covers are good if you want to get partial sunlight to come thru your patio cover.  The Patio Guy also offers seven colors for your patio cover including white, Sonoma beige, and desert sand.  We even offer four differently styled end cuts to changed the monotony and give your patio cover an extra modern touch.  So as you can see, with the Patio Guy you will have an endless amount of options and styles to choose from.  You will also get the best in quality and workmanship.  Call us today for a free backyard patio cover quote.

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